Weekend DIY

DIY denim vest
H&M tee
Urban Outfitters pants
Forever 21/ Five and Two bracelets

This vest was my weekend DIY and I loove the way it turned out. I basically just dipped it in a half bleach half water mix, rinsed, washed, and to my surprise it came out perfect!
It's hard to make out but the t-shirt I am wearing has a buffalo skull on it. I got from H&M a while ago, its 100% cotton and super comfy.


  1. I absolutely LOVE that vest. I thrifted a denim jacket not too long ago that already had studs on it, I think I'm gonna try and dip dye it, hope it turns out as amazing as yours did!

  2. love the DIY, very cool and casual outfit
    xoxo asiahlynn