Horrible Lighting

Thrifted top, belt, shorts
Forever 21/ Five and Two bracelets
Forever 21 sandals

I love when my whole outfit is thrifted.
I found this tee at the salvation army this weekend. The print reminds me of the 90's, which is super cool and I'm pretty sure its a kids large so it fits perfect.
I have to apologize for the horrible lighting. I took these photos right before heading to the gym. I usually like to take blog pics later in the afternoon but i was short on time. Next post will be waay better!


Summer Mood

Thrifted top
Old Navy jeans
Forever 21 sandals and bracelets

I just recently signed up for a sewing class and today is when it was supposed to meet. It wasn't until I got there I found out it was cancelled! I am so bummed. 
I figured I would go ahead and not waste my sewing outfit and do a blog post!
I thrifted this top last weekend for about $1. I was looking for tops with sleeves because at work I cant show my tattoos. Usually when i thrift tops during the summer they're tanks and its too hot to layer with a cardigan or denim jacket so when i spotted this top i was super excited. The color is amazing and the fit is perfect. 



American Apparel top
Thrifted/DIY shorts
Forever 21 sandals and bracelet

I loooove American Apparel. Definitely one of my favorite places to shop.  I purchased this top a couple months ago while i was in LA. I hate that there isn't a store in my hometown, so whenever I go out of town I make it a point to find an AA store.
Of course in this 100+ weather we've been having, I had to pair my plaid with some comfy high waist cut offs.


Petal Pink

Thrifted top
DIY shorts
Forever 21 necklace and bracelet
DIY neon bracelet
Khols sandals

These shorts were my first attempt at dip dying and I love them sooo much! The process was a little time consuming but it was super easy and totally worth it. I wish I would have taken photos of how I did it so I could do a DIY post but there's always next time. 
The weather is so nice today that all I want to do is lounge around in a tank and shorts so I paired them with this basic black top I thrifted a while ago.



Yay for my 100th post!
Im so excited that I've been able to keep this blog going!
Thank you so much for reading. Words can not express how thankful I am for each and every one of you that visit my blog <3

These shorts are my latest DIY and I looove the way they turned out. They are my new favorites. I think I want to add studs to them but im still undecided.

Forever 21 bodysuit, necklace, and bracelet
Thrifted/ DIY shorts
Khols sandals


Baby, Put On Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Khols top
Thrifted/DIY shorts
Forever 21 sandals
Urban Outfitters sunnies
DIY neon bracelet

"Baby, put on heart-shaped sunglasses
'Cause we going to take a ride
I'm not going to listen to what the past says
I've been waiting up all night"
-Lana Del Rey

Ok. So I think its safe to say I'm kind of obsessed with Lana Del Rey. She sings about heart shaped sunglasses, so i had to buy some. They are so awesome and i love the fact that they're a different twist on the classic aviator style.
I found this top at Khols on sale for super cheap. I don't usually shop there but I'm a sucker for white linen tops so i wouldn't pass it up.

This is Harry.
I couldn't resist. He's so cute.


Faux Camouflage

Thrifted top and shorts
Forever 21 necklace and bracelet
DIY neon bracelet

I've been living in tanks and cut offs all summer so it was only natural to pair this top with some high waist shorts. When i first spotted this top at the thrift store i thought it was camouflage. I'm not a camo fan so i was pretty happy to see that it wasn't.


Pop of Studs

Forever 21 top and sandals
DIY shorts

This is my outfit for some thrifting to start my weekend. 

This top is one of my favorites. Its tunic length and the material is perfect for summer weather. I paired it with these studded shorts I made a while ago. I thought the studs added a nice pop of detail.


Pop of Neon Pink and Gold

Urban Outfitters top and necklace
Wet Seal denim
Forever 21 sandals and bracelet

Ive been wanting a pair of white denim pants for a while now and this weekend I finally found some. They're super comfy and fit perfect.
I fell in love with this top as soon as i saw it. The semi ombre effect is too cool, I couldnt help but add a pop of pink and gold.