Baby, Put On Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Khols top
Thrifted/DIY shorts
Forever 21 sandals
Urban Outfitters sunnies
DIY neon bracelet

"Baby, put on heart-shaped sunglasses
'Cause we going to take a ride
I'm not going to listen to what the past says
I've been waiting up all night"
-Lana Del Rey

Ok. So I think its safe to say I'm kind of obsessed with Lana Del Rey. She sings about heart shaped sunglasses, so i had to buy some. They are so awesome and i love the fact that they're a different twist on the classic aviator style.
I found this top at Khols on sale for super cheap. I don't usually shop there but I'm a sucker for white linen tops so i wouldn't pass it up.

This is Harry.
I couldn't resist. He's so cute.

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